Cardio Prestige II Spengler Stethoscope


Cardio Prestige II
Cardio Prestige II


Cardio Prestige II Spengler Stethoscope

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Cardioprestige II is the ultimate weapon for professionals looking for the best. It is designed to deliver outstanding performance thanks to a unique design and innovations developed by Spengler. It is the result of research with engineers from the Ecole Centrale and the CNRS Acoustics Laboratory in Marseille. An exceptional instrument, it is intended for specialists such as cardiologists or pneumologists.


Special features of the Spengler Pulse II stethoscope 

- Exceptional acoustics : a horn equipped with the very precise "acoustic premium" technology with flared lines to better capture the acoustic wave.
- A heavyweight horn (168g) : its stainless steel horn provides excellent performance. More material for more resonance, and an anti-cold ring for added comfort. The double bell offers an adult and a paediatric side.
- Large tubing : The new Spengler tubing is developed in silicone, shortened and deliberately widened. It is the perfect balance between noise reduction and comfort.
- Multi-frequency listening : Light pressure for listening to vascular and heart sounds, and firm pressure for lung frequencies.
- Cuff adaptability : The horn has been designed with thin edges, to fit ideally under the cuff when taking blood pressure.


Technical specifications

- Weight: 105.5g for the single horn and 165g for the double horn

- Large horn diameter: 47.3mm
- Small horn diameter: 37.5mm
- 44mm fiberglass cone for the large horn and 37.5mm for the small horn
- 47.3mm TPR cold weather ring for large horn and 37.5mm for small horn
- 55mm tubing and stainless steel binaural
- Stainless steel binaural spring
- Silicone tubing
- Nano silicone ear tips
- Supplied with 2 pairs of ear tips


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