Dual Pulse Spengler Stethoscope


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Dual Pulse Spengler Stethoscope

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Pulse is the perfect stethoscope for home visits and everyday use. With a high-resolution acoustic diaphragm and high-fidelity tubing, it is ideal for professionals on the move, such as nurses.

Features of the Spengler Pulse Stethoscope  

- Lightweight (38g) : Made of aluminium for everyday comfort, but also precise. The double bell offers an adult side and a pediatric side.
- Perfect comfort : Anti-cold ring, "soft" ear tips for more comfort during auscultations
- Good listening quality : High resolution acoustic membrane for auscultatory pressure measurement
- High performance tubing : Simple tubing with high-performance conduit to isolate parasitic noise

Technical specifications

- 41g aluminium bell

- 44.5mm large bell and 31.1mm small bell dimensions
- 44.1mm glass fibre diaphragm
- 46mm PVC anti-cold ring for the large horn and 34.2mm for the small horn
- 78cm PVC tubing
- Aluminium binaural
- Stainless steel binaural spring
- PVC ear tips
- Supplied with 2 pairs of ear tips


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