AliveCor Kardia Mobile EKG Monitor - Instant EKG on Your Phone


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AliveCor Kardia Mobile EKG Monitor - Instant EKG on Your Phone

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The Kardia medical solution allows everyone to take care of their heart on a daily basis.


The Kardia Mobile solution (previously called "AliveCor Heart Monitor") allows you to record, store and transfer single channel electrocardiogram (ECG) data.


Display heart rate and detect normal sinus rhythms, as well as cases of atrial fibrillation (under the supervision of a doctor). 


The Kardia Mobile device is intended for healthcare professionals, patients with (and potentially affected by) heart problems, as well as health-conscious individuals.


Download the Kardia app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play.


Thanks to a mobile medical device connected to a smartphone application, each of you can record your cardiac activity through a complete medical electrocardiogram AND send it to your general practitioner or cardiologists for analysis (send by email in 1 click). 


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